Useful Docs and Links for Your Social Justice Action

UCWC SJ Directory – Committee chairs, project coordinators, etc.
UCWC SJ Committee Structure (PDF) – How the committee is organized.

UCWC How to Start a New SJ Group (PDF) – Read this first.
UCWC SJ Group Proposal Form (PDF) – Use this form to start a new SJ group.
UCWC Project Planning Guide (PDF) – How to plan SJ activities.
UCWC SJ Communications Grid (PDF) – How to publicize SJ activities.

UCWC Social Action Trust Fund (PDF) – Policy adopted 11-06-2003.


UUA Social Justice Page – Social justice at the Unitarian Universalist Association’s website.
Subscribe to the UUA Justice Email Lists – Keep up to date with all the UUA justice initiatives.
Limits on Political Action – IRS guidelines on advocacy, lobbying, and elections.
Love Resists Campaign – Activating People of Faith and Conscience.
UUA Standing on the Side of Love Congregational Toolkit (PDF) – Confronting Exclusion, Oppression, and Violence Based on Identity.