Live-Streamed Services
During the COVID-19 epidemic, all services will be live-streamed. Click HERE to access links of live-streamed services.

Tending Moral Injury

Rev. Dr. Chris Antal.

Livestream. Online Only.

What is Moral Injury and how does it manifest in military veterans? Why should we care? What interventions show promise? How might congregations better respond?

Rev. Dr. Chris Antal is a clinical staff chaplain at the Michael J. Crescenz VA … read more.

Deams for Our Time

Rev. Dan Schatz.

Live stream. Online Only.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke powerfully of a dream of justice and equality between the races.  What parts of Dr. King’s dreams have yet to be fulfilled, and what new dreams of justice will shape our future?

This New Year

Rev. Dan Schatz.

Live stream. Online Only.

In some ways New Year’s Day is nothing more than a mark on the calendar – and this year it may feel like not much has changed.  But the New Year is a perfect time for reflection on impermanence, … read more.