Live-Streamed Services
During the COVID-19 epidemic, all services will be live-streamed. Click HERE to access links of live-streamed services.

Another Independence Day

Rev. Dr. Om Prakash.

Live-stream and in-person.

There was a movie called Independence Day where Extraterrestrials came and attempted to attack and destroy the Earth. The whole world came together in order to resist. What would happen if we were attacked by a true threat that … read more.

We Are All Wounded Healers

Rev. Kim Wilson.

Live-stream and in-person.

We don’t get to live life without experiencing any pain — it’s a part of the human condition. Henri Nouen, author of a little book called Wounded Healers, suggests that by finding and addressing the suffering in our own hearts, … read more.


Rev. Dan Schatz and Marilyn Gross.

Live-stream and In-person.

Juneteenth commemorates the final emancipation of enslaved African Americans at the end of the Civil War.  As we honor the day, we will talk about the ways Juneteenth has been observed for over 150 years, and what … read more.