NOTE:  As COVID numbers shift, we continue to adjust between hybrid services and only online services. Please look for updates on Sunday plans in your email.
This page and the calendar will be updated as needed.

The Best within Us

In-person and Live-stream.

We come to religion with the hope of finding guidance in living good lives. How does Unitarian Universalism help us find the best within ourselves?

What Community?

In-person and live stream.

Join us for an exploration of authors who continue to influence a personal definition of community.

Patricia DeBrady has presented/taught African and African American literature to classes, communities, and gatherings of interested others for the past … read more.

A Community of Caring

In-person and Live-stream.

As a congregation we care for one another in many ways, from Small Group Ministries to simple friendship. Together, we “love through care and community.”