An Unexpected Oasis

Rev. Kevin Jagoe.

In-person and Live-stream.

In our current religious, political, and social landscape it can be challenging to create or find places that are safe. In our covenantal tradition, the very act of gathering together is a religious and holy one. How do we create a … read more.

Laughter As Prayer

In person and Live Stream.

Unitarian Universalists are encouraged to define prayer in increasingly expansive and imaginative ways. Today, join us for a service of levity as we explore the ways that we UUs find humor in the world and turn laughter into prayer.

Rev. Meg … read more.

Stepping Out

In-person & Live-stream.

At Halloween we depart from the norm, adults and children alike trying on new faces and identities. As our Minister, Rev. Dan Schatz, returns from “stepping out” on sabbatical, he will explore some of the ways we can all step out from our … read more.