On June 10, 2018, at the annual meeting, the members of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester adopted the following Covenant of Right Relations. (Download the document here.)

Unitarian Congregation of West Chester
Covenant of Right Relations

To foster our sense of community and engage with members of all ages in a respectful, meaningful manner that upholds Unitarian Universalist values, we pledge to bring a spirit of understanding, love, and kindness to our relations with one another. We come together through this covenant to affirm our intention to:

Listen with an open mind,
withholding judgment and striving to understand others, as we wish others to understand us;

Speak thoughtfully,
cultivating honest and meaningful communication by assuming others have good intentions and expressing our truths with compassion and care;

Welcome diverse perspectives and people,
providing a safe and caring environment, where the wonderful differences found throughout human existence are a source of strength and lead to more rewarding experiences;

Approach conflict constructively,
engaging directly those with whom we disagree, remembering our shared values, seeking equitable solutions, and respecting decisions that may leave us disappointed;

Enhance the connections among us,
supporting each other in times of need, honoring our commitments, raising our youth ethically, and contributing our unique gifts, as we are able, to our congregation, our communities, and the wider world;

Find joy in being together,
celebrating moments both significant and small, and delighting in friendship, laughter and love.

We understand and accept our own limitations and the limitations of others, forgiving ourselves and each other when we do not fully live our Unitarian Universalist values, so that we may continue to strengthen the bonds that unite us in beloved community.

−  The Members of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester
Adopted June10, 2018