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2020-2021 Program

You will notice that we are introducing a new theme for this 2020-21 year in Religious Education, being BRAVE! As we enter into a new year of being virtual, social distancing, and remote learning, I commend all our children, youth, and families for their bravery in the face of uncertainty, newness, and change. Bravery is facing each new challenge this year can present as best as you can and knowing that we are all here behind you every step of the way.

These classes are here to support our children and youth on their spiritual journeys.
But what will being BRAVE look like for our children and youth this year? If you look at our image for this year we have a caterpillar, a cocoon, and a butterfly, all vibrant symbols of change! We have worked hard to adapt to the new conditions we are living in these past few months, but as we face an extend period of change we need to learn new ways to “Lean in together”, to keep our  commitments and ministries sustainable, and to adapt and grow in ways we are still imagining! So some days we will be the caterpillar, embarking on a journey of life without knowing what is coming; some days we will be in a cocoon as we struggle in the midst of changes and our lives undergo transformations; and some days we are going to be the butterfly, emerging with grace and beauty and understanding into a new world. I invite you all to join us in being BRAVE as we travel this journey together, day by day!

Each week our children and youth from Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade are invited to join us for a Group Worship Circle where we will discuss, identify, and celebrate the bravery we have shown or seen that week. Our children and youth are then invited to join their individual classes to explore a lesson more in depth. (See the calendar for any Intergenerational Sundays that our RE Program would attend instead of individual classes).

These classes are here to support our children and youth on their spiritual journeys – developing their knowledge of both Unitarian Universalism as well as major world religions, instill in them a sense of morality, encourage them to act in furthering social justice for all, and foster a community of positive, fun relationships with their peers.

While we are working to build such a level of learning and personal growth, this year I remind us all that progress is not just marked by what we learn, but how we learn. Our social and emotional well-being in the face of these transitions is far more important than any single lesson we will learn this year. That is why we are working hard to create new avenues for communication, teach media balance, and encourage self care/compassion for all our children, youth, and families.

For more information on what we are doing in regard to COVID-19, please see the tab: RE Sunday Schedule.

In a welcoming, accepting, and fun environment, children from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade are invited:

  • to explore what it means to be Unitarian Universalist
  • to learn about our Judeo-Christian roots
  • to gain first-hand knowledge of other faiths
  • to engage in worship and activities with members of all ages
  • to make a difference in the local community and the world through hands-on social action projects

Younger children also enjoy:

  • skits and crafts
  • occasional “Group RE” days, with special activities in a one-room-schoolhouse environment

Overall, we are guided by the seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism, which describe how we covenant to live with each other and in the world.

Young people have always been an important, cherished part of our congregation and we have provided religious education classes since our founding in 1954.