Religious Education Based on the Simpsons and the Twilight Zone

For the first half of the year our youth will focus on the curricula, “The Gospel According to the Simpsons.” This popular TV Show depicts the life of an average family with humor and wit through the relatable and outrageous family, The Simpsons. While not a show about religion, The Simpsons touches on important topics relating to faith and God, and witnesses to the fact that religion in our modern society pervades our lives whether we believe in it or not.

Each class will watch an episode of this series and engage it’s connections to faith, spirituality, and religion through readings from religious texts and discussion questions that relate to real life situations.

For the second half of the year the youth will shift to the curricula “The Fifth Dimension” based on The Twilight Zone. This curricula will encourage the youth to consider social issues and the ways our faith can help us understand our values, and to understand the place of conscience, the effects of our actions, and how to take a stand.

This curriculum writes,“The Twilight Zone gave voice to people who were often at the margins of society. The show questioned power and who holds the power, with corruption commonplace and no group immune to criticism. Viewers were asked to consider who had the power in society, whether power was used to help or oppress others, and how society might empower those who were shut out of power.”