How to Donate

  • UCWC Website. Click the “DONATE NOW” button to go to our online giving portal or click the button in the lower left portion of our home page.
  • Phone App. Download to your phone the Vanco Mobile Faith Engagement app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. When you use the app, you’ll be able to find our congregation by entering the search phrase “Unitarian Con”. You’ll need to enter your credit card number, name, date etc. the first time but not for follow-on uses.

It’s a good idea to set up these methods in advance, so you can use them smoothly whenever you choose. We hope you will consider helping cover the cost of the online service by checking the option when you enter your credit card.

Recipient Choices

When you donate through UCWC’s website or the Vanco Mobile phone app you can select where your donation goes:

  • Plate or General Donation
  • Share the Plate Splitting Options (with the current month’s recipient)
  • Donate to buy grocery cards for the West Chester Food Cupboard
  • Stewardship Pledge (current year or coming year)
  • Matching Campaign (pledge increase or one-time gift)


  • Online donations incur processing fees: 2.75% for credit cards and 1% for automatic withdrawals (ACH) plus $0.45 for each donation, either by credit card or by ACH. There are no fees when you pay by personal check, cash or your own bank’s bill pay service.
  • One advantage of using automatic withdrawals (ACH) is that transactions show up in your bank account in a couple of days.
  • We are offering these online options for your convenience and hope you will take advantage of them if it suits you best.

Questions? Contact us at email: finance.

Thank you very much for supporting UCWC!