Our Mission is…

  • to provide the children of our Congregation with a positive experience of a faith community
  • to educate them in Unitarian Universalist principles and values
  • to empower them to embark on a path of personal faith development
  • to create in them an awareness and appreciation of the major faith traditions that shape our world
  • to provide opportunities for them to put our Unitarian Universalist Principles into action


To accommodate the different spiritual development stages of children, we are offering 3 classes this year:

  • K-5th Grades – UU LEGO Principles and Sources; The Web of Life
  • 6th-7th Grades – The Fifth Dimension: The Twilight Zone; The Gospel According to the Simpsons
  • 8th-10th Grades – Coming of Age

Children in 9th through 12th grades may participate in our Youth Group.

Nursery Care

For infants through 3-year-olds, babysitting in our Nursery is currently postponed. Your little ones are welcome to stay with you in the sanctuary. You are also welcome to enjoy the service in the lobby. We have some toy baskets there, and speakers so that you can hear the service.


Annual registration is required for all students regularly attending our RE Program. Registering your child in RE helps us with planning, and provides us with information about special needs, allergies and other information important to your child’s health and safety.

The Permissions fields on the registration form allow you to grant or deny permission for your child to take part in local (walking) field trips, and for his/her photo to appear anonymously on our website.

Click HERE for online registration.