The administrative body of the Congregation is a Board of Trustees. The Board consists of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, and four Trustees. The Board elects one of the trustees as the Vice-president. Trustees are elected for two year terms. Three Trustees are elected in even years, and two Trustees are elected in odd years. The terms of office for elective offices coincide with the fiscal year beginning on July 1 and ending on June 3.The Board follows the governance model under which it is responsible for long-term strategies and vision rather than day-to-day operations.

  • President: Matt Zencey: e-mail: president
  • Secretary: Craig Talbot e-mail: secretary
  • Vice-president: Lou Ballester email: vice-president
  • Trustees: e-mail: board
    • Matt Zencey
    • Lou Ballester
    • Craig Talbot
    • Callie Durner
    • Teri Lesser
    • Shiela Grant
    • Kora Stahl

The Executive Team, made up of the Minister, the Program Co-ordinator, and the Executive Treasurer  is responsible for the programs of the Congregation, its property, and all its business affairs. The Executive Team’s charge is to guide the various bodies in the Congregation to live it’s mission by working to achieve the ends as determined by the congregation.

  • Minister: Rev. Dan Schatz. e-mail: minister
  • Program Coordinator: Lauren Kelly. e-mail: program
  • Executive Treasurer: Wayne Bullaughey. e-mail: finance

The Program Council, made up of representatives of the committees and teams of the Congregation is charged with creating and facilitating the programs of the congregation.