Statement on Abusive Treatment of Immigrants

The Unitarian Congregation of West Chester condemns the abusive and unjust treatment the US government intentionally inflicts on refugees and other undocumented immigrants seeking entry to the United States.

Statement of Public Witness on Racism in the United States

The Unitarian Congregation of West Chester condemns the rising tide of hate speech and direct acts of violence against minority populations in our country, which violate the Unitarian Universalist principles of the inherent worth and dignity of all people, and justice, equity and compassion in human relations.

Black Lives Matter

UCWC has hung a Black Lives Matter banner on the front of our building and has empowered a group to work with other local faith-based and lay community organizations.

Defenders of Democracy

To help members put Unitarian Universalist values into action by being part of the democratic process and urging public officials to support constitutional principles, uphold democratic norms and ensure integrity in our government.

Gun Violence Prevention

Tom Buglio was instrumental in the formation of the local grassroots Gun Violence Prevention group, which is called GunSenseUs today. He is the UCWC liaison to that group, and the host of the UUPLAN monthly teleconference on Gun Violence Prevention.

Criminal Justice

Our work focuses on ending mass incarceration, especially of people of color, particularly in Pennsylvania, which has the highest incarceration rate in the Northeast and the second highest rate in the country. We work also to promote programs to rehabilitate prisoners and assist returning citizens. Contact

Sustainable Living Email Discussion List

The Sustainable Living Email Discussion List is used for tips, events, advocacy alerts, and cooperation to promote a more sustainable world.

Climate Justice Email Discussion List

The Climate Justice list is a discussion list for sharing ways to advocate for policies that address climate change.