Contact: Kathy Beatty       Email: safe-harbor

Mission: To provide a good dinner twice a month for the homeless guests staying at Safe Harbor Shelter.

During the pandemic, we are currently delivering — but not serving — the meals.
How It Works

UCWC volunteers arrive to provide dinner at Safe Harbor at 6 pm on the second Sunday of each month for men and the second Wednesday each month for women. One volunteer from our Congregation organizes the menu and, along with two helpers, provides, prepares and serves the food.

The yearly schedule runs from March to February, and newcomers are always welcome to sign on as substitute helpers in the interim. We are looking for as many people who can make a commitment as possible.

Sign up to provide portions of 3 meals a year

How We Schedule
Each year we prepare a schedule of cooks. Generally, a person or family signs up to be a Lead one time a year and a helper two times a year. It is fine if you want to do more or less than that, or if you only want to be a Lead or only want to be a helper. Please note that chefs must be at least twelve years of age to help serve at Safe Harbor.
Lead Chef Tasks
  • Plan meal and contact helpers to assign food for them to prepare
  • Serve the meal.
Helper Tasks
  • Provide one portion of a meal as directed by Lead, usually salad, bread, and/or dessert.
  • Help serve the meal.
How to Sign Up

Contact Rick London at email: safe-harbor. Tell her:

  • Your name, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • Number of times per year you’d like to be scheduled, and your availability – e.g., any months you are not available. The schedule runs from March to February.
  • We will try to meet your preference in scheduling.

The new schedule starts in March, so January is the time to get your requests in. Request coming in after the main schedule is set will be placed on the substitute helper list.

A Special Note to New People

Welcome! There are many of us that have been doing this for a while, and it is a very easy way to make a small commitment to our community. New volunteers are usually put on as helpers until they are comfortable enough to be lead chefs

Another Special Note: If you are unable to serve dinner, but can provide a meal; or unable to provide a meal, but can serve – please feel free to volunteer. We may be able to match you up with someone to complement your ability.

Thank you all so much.

Learn More about Safe Harbor

Go to the Safe Harbor of Chester County website.