“Abusive and unjust treatment of immigrants must end.”

chalice with fireThe Unitarian Congregation of West Chester condemns the abusive and unjust treatment the US government intentionally inflicts on refugees and other undocumented immigrants seeking entry to the United States.

Tearing children away from their parents; warehousing babies and toddlers; holding children in wire pens; drugging teen immigrants; or locking them to chairs naked; refusing to consider the legitimate claims of refugees seeking safety here; irresponsibly stirring fears of immigrants as potentially murderous lawbreakers; expecting 3-year olds to represent themselves in immigration court, letting private companies lock up immigrants for profit— this is not who we are as a country.

We call on Congress to immediately pass legislation to end these abuses and ensure humane and just treatment for refugees and undocumented immigrants who are stopped at the border. Among the reforms, the legislation should prevent the separation of immigrant families and reunite currently separated children with their families as fast as possible, stop asylum-seekers from being arrested, and ensure immigrants who are arrested or detained have effective legal representation and a timely, independent and fair judicial review of their cases.

The Statement above was approved by the UCWC Board of Trustees, in accordance with Article VI, Section I of our bylaws on 7/25/2018.

Submitted by Craig Talbot, UCWC Board Secretary.