Social Justice Committee Chair: Linda Sander
Social Justice Committee Co-chair: Steve Sander

Social Justice Communications
Website & Flyers: Steve Sander

Black Lives Matter: Sandy Schaal, Chair
Criminal Justice Reform: Robin Garrett

Charlot Barker & Linda Sander

Congregational Liaison: Tom Buglio
Gun Violence Prevention Justice Team Co-chair: Tom Buglio
Criminal Justice Reform Team Liaison: Robin Garrett
UUtheVote:  Open

Project Coordinators
Safe Harbor Meals: Kathy Beatty, Chair, Rick London, Co-chair
Share the Plate: Emily Sweet
West Chester Food Cupboard: Steve Sander

Local Partner Project Leaders
Martin Luther King Day of Service: Ed Cohle, Sandra Schaal, & Shelly Case

Discussion Groups/Lists
Climate Justice Email Discussion List: Matt Zencey
Diversity Book Discussion Group: Debby Kern & Lorrie McKinley
Sustainable Living Email Discussion List: Diane Maguire (Contact office to subscribe.)

Climate-Justice (CC Chapter of Citizen’s Climate Lobby): Matt Zencey
Gun Violence Prevention (Gun Sense Chester County): Tom Buglio
Reproductive Justice. Susan Batchelor