Life’s Challenges

Life offers challenges to everyone. Some we are able to handle on our own. But there are times when a helping hand is welcome. Whether a meal, a ride, or someone just to listen is needed, the UCWC Pastoral Care Team is here for you.

The Pastoral Care Team

They have the qualities to be compassionate companions learned through their own life experiences. Ongoing training and workshops will hone their skills to serve under the guidance of our minister and other community resources.  All communications with the members of the team will be held in confidence.

Contact the Team

The best way to contact the Pastoral Care Team is email: pastoral-care.

Briefly share your need and contact information, and one of the Pastoral Care Team members will contact you. Of course, if you have an emergency, or require an immediate response, be sure to contact Rev. Dan or any of the members of the Pastoral Care Team.


If you would like to volunteer to prepare and/or deliver meals, provide rides, etc. and help us extend our network of helping hands please feel free to contact the Pastoral Care Team so they know you are available.