ucwc_logo_chalice-mediumWe are a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. We ascribe to the Seven Principles and Sources of the UUA that can be found here.

The following statements have been written and adopted by our own congregation and reflect what we aspire to be and how we act on those aspirations.

Our Vision Statement

The Unitarian Congregation of West Chester will be a vital, growing, and diverse congregation that is a powerful voice and respected example of Unitarian Universalist principles in action.

We will be an inviting, warm and inclusive place of inspiration, healing and spiritual growth, where we minister with one another in a community of mutual respect, love and support.

We will have welcoming, inspiring and nourishing worship services and programs for all ages that encourage us to live our values and that incorporate a diversity of music, arts, and spiritual practices.

We will nurture and enrich the spiritual lives of children, youth and adults, providing resources for faith development, opportunities for service, strategies for navigating life and strengthening connections among our members.

We will engage in our larger community to assist and empower those in need, support groups that are vulnerable, help protect the environment and advocate for justice.

We will draw on the talents of our members, mobilize our financial resources, and hire the professional staff needed to be good stewards of our Unitarian Universalist heritage and to expand the congregation, our programs, and our reach into the world beyond our doors.

— The Members of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester

Our Mission Statement

“As a diverse liberal faith congregation, we make a difference in our lives, our children’s lives, and the wider community by creating an environment for spiritual growth and fulfillment, building meaningful connections, and for actively advancing peace and justice in the world.” (adopted in June, 2009)

Goals We Have Set to Achieve Our Mission

Pillar I: Creating an Environment for Spiritual Growth

Goal: We provide inspirational worship.

  • Our services offer (1) a variety of music and musical genres, (2) insights into our own UU identity and faith, and (3) inspiration for our members to change their lives in positive ways.

Goal: We provide religious education for all ages.

  • Our religious education curriculum provides lessons that focus on UU history, principles, and world religions so that our youth receive a well-rounded religious education and understand UU concepts.
  • Our adults are offered and encouraged to take part in a variety of opportunities that include interfaith exploration and dialogue, celebration of a variety of holidays and holy days, and deeper exploration into Unitarian Universalism.

Goal: We support and provide opportunities for individual spiritual practice.

Goal: Our building and our grounds are safe, welcoming, comfortable, and accessible to all who seek their use in harmony with our mission.

Pillar II: Building Meaningful Connections

Goal: At the UCWC people feel welcome, dialogues flourish, and relationships develop through good times and bad.

  • We provide a multitude of opportunities for social engagement, mutual support, musical sharing, and shared experiences about living a meaning-filled life. Our leadership demonstrates appreciation and gratitude to members of the congregation for their contributions of time and talent and encourages this behavior as a culture throughout the congregation.

Goal: To further the Universalist-Unitarian principles of striving for world community and accepting one another, we maintain intentional involvement with diverse populations and promote diversity within our congregation.

  • We provide a welcoming atmosphere for diverse populations in our services, events and activities.
  • We provide opportunities to interact with diverse populations within the larger community.

Pillar III: Advancing Peace and Justice in the World

Goal: We work to have an impact on economic, environmental, and social justice issues at the local, national and international levels.

  • Our members contribute time, talent, and donations to charitable organizations serving the needs of the local or wider community.
  • We network with each other and with other organizations to share information and experiences and to grow from the experiences of others. We participate in public actions to influence local and national legislative efforts, to improve economic and social equity, to reduce violence and injustice, and to protect or support the ecological environment.

Our Facilities

  • Our building and our grounds are safe, welcoming, comfortable, and accessible to all who seek their use in harmony with our mission.