We love visitors and look forward to welcoming your children on whatever Sunday morning you choose. (Please check our calendar for holidays and multi-generational Sunday services.) You need not be a member for your children to attend classes, but we do ask that you complete a Registration Form for each child after two visits.

Classes and Babysitting

Classes for children in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade are offered from September – May this year. There is no Religious Education (RE) programming during June, July and August. Please see our RE Brochure [Coming Soon] for more details on the program.

Babysitting is provided in our Nursery for infants through 4 years of age.

Your Child’s Experience

To give your child the best possible experience when you visit, please read   “1st Day in RE.”.

To help you know what goes on in class, teachers provide a weekly “Home Link” via email. This also gives parents good places to begin a dialogue. Parents are of course welcome at any time to visit the classrooms.

We have a small, but growing lending library. Topics range from Unitarian Universalism to general spirituality, and include books on UU families and being a UU parent.

Special Needs

Children with special needs – as much as possible we try to accommodate children with special needs. Please see the Registration page for details.


Contact our Director of Lifespan Faith Development, Pam Baxter at email: DLFD.