Members at the Black Lives Matter/UCWC table Community Day at the Melton Center in West Chester.

Mission: To support the Black Lives Matter movement, its call for racial justice, and its affirmation of the value of black lives across society.

Co-chairs: Sandy Schaal   Email:  black-lives-matter

Statement of Public Witness on Racism in the United States
The Unitarian Congregation of West Chester condemns the rising tide of hate speech and direct acts of violence against minority populations in our country, which violate the Unitarian Universalist principles of the inherent worth and dignity of all people, and justice, equity and compassion in human relations.

Racism has been part of American society since its founding, through slavery, segregation, mass incarceration and brutality. The impact is evident today in continuing racial disparities in housing, education, health care, the labor market, politics, and criminal and environmental justice.

Our country has arrived at a crucial moment in its history, which offers the opportunity to confront these shameful realities, renew a commitment to racial justice and alleviate racial inequities.

We, the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, explicitly and publicly pledge to meet this challenge and urge others in our community to join us.

Banner Dedication: April 10, 2016

In a celebratory program open to the outside community, the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester raised its Black Lives Matter banner at our 501 South High Street building on March 29, 2016.

Authorization to hang the banner had been granted by resolution in a vote of the congregation.

Formed when the banner was first raised, UCWC’s Black Lives Matter Committee has been actively supporting activities to raise consciousness on what it means to live in a society where white privilege is dominant and people of color exist under a cloud of suspicion and threatened violence. The activities include films open to the public, workshops for the congregation, and participation in community days. A statement of Public Witness Has recently been developed by the committee and adopted by the Board and congregation.