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Tom Buglio & Fatima Patel at the June 2, 2019, Rally in Media

Tom Buglio is the UCWC liaison to GunSenseUs Chester County, which has grown to include people of conscience across Chester County who coordinate with other local, state and national gun violence prevention groups and advocate with elected leaders and the public for common sense measures to reduce gun violence.

Tom also serves as co-chair of UUJusticePA’s new state-wide Gun Violence Prevention Team. UUJusticePA, our voice for justice in Harrisburg, leverages the commitment and skills of UUs in Pennsylvania to raise a loud, effective voice in Harrisburg.

UUJusticePA (formerly UUPLAN) has started monthly teleconferences on the issue and advocates for gun violence prevention in Harrisburg which meet on Zoom the third Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.  Contact Tom to get on the list.