Speaker: Rev. Dan Schatz

The Time of Compassion

In Person and Live-Stream.

Most of us know Ramadan as the time when Muslims around the world fast from sunup to sundown. It is also a time for connection, mercy, forgiveness, and compassion.

Connecting – Jazz Service

In person and Live-Stream

On this very special Sunday, we celebrate our connections to our congregation and to one another with a jazz service featuring reflections from Dan and music from acclaimed trumpeter Paul Giess and pianist Will Brock.

A Community of Caring

In-person and Live-stream.

As a congregation we care for one another in many ways, from Small Group Ministries to simple friendship. Together, we “love through care and community.”

The Best within Us

In-person and Live-stream.

We come to religion with the hope of finding guidance in living good lives. How does Unitarian Universalism help us find the best within ourselves?

Many Mountains

In-person and live stream.

Unitarian Universalists are truth seekers – but is there only one truth? Can many spiritual paths help us meet different needs in our lives?