Speaker: Rev. Dan Schatz

Who Are You? Who Am I?

Rev. Dan Schatz and Cassie Lengel.

Live stream and in-person.

All-Ages Halloween Service

Halloween is a time for imagination, costumes, and stepping out from our ordinary lives. All ages are invited to come in costume for this all-ages Halloween celebration!

Falling Toward Life

Rev. Dan Schatz.

Live stream and in-person.

All of us have known times when things didn’t go the way we expected or planned. Such moments can be hard, but they can also be opportunities for reflection and awakening.

In from the Margins

Rev. Dan Schatz.

Live stream and in-person.

Unitarian Universalism teaches powerful lessons about human worth, inclusion, freedom, and responsibility. How do we manifest these values in our lives? This service will be followed at noon by an important workshop, “Building a Culture of Inclusion”, led by Paula … read more.

The Possible Dream

Rev Dan Schatz.

Live-stream and in person.

As we imagine the future for ourselves and our congregation, what dreams inspire us, and how do we begin to realize our dreams?

Won’t You Help Me Raise ‘Em

Rev. Dan Schatz.

Live-stream and In Person.

Remember the sea chantey craze of 2021? Our Grammy-nominated minister, Rev. Dan Schatz, will lead us in a Labor Day service of sea chanties, their lore, and the surprising lessons they have for our congregation. There will be lots … read more.

Feast of Reason

Rev. Dan Schatz.

Live-stream and in-person.

Unitarian Universalists embrace of inquiry in religion and human thought. When we come together in reason and community, our unique way of being religious becomes a joyous celebration.

A Sense of Place

Rev. Dan Schatz.

Live stream and in-person.

Rescheduled from last month, on this Sunday we will explore a sense of place together. In the season of vacations and adventures, we become more conscious of our surroundings – a mountain cabin, a day on the shore, an afternoon … read more.


Rev. Dan Schatz and Marilyn Gross.

Live-stream and In-person.

Juneteenth commemorates the final emancipation of enslaved African Americans at the end of the Civil War.  As we honor the day, we will talk about the ways Juneteenth has been observed for over 150 years, and what … read more.