Speaker: Rev. Dan Schatz

A Time for Turning

Rev. Dan Schatz. The Jewish High Holy Days are a time for looking within, choosing, and turning.

Holy Earth

Rev Dan Schatz. During a week of climate activism, we take a Sunday to reflect on the sacredness of Earth.

In Praise of Gentleness

Beginning Today, we are going to double services.

Rev. Dan Schatz. We live in an era of harshness, in many ways. Now more than ever, there is a real value in learning to walk gently with others, and with ourselves.

Services at 9:15 am and 11:00 am
Social … read more.

Welcome In (All Ages Ingathering)

Rev. Dan Schatz. Join us for our annual all ages Ingathering Service, as we celebrate our Unitarian Universalist community in all its many forms, large and small. This service will include a “Blessing of the Backpacks” for school age kids, special music from the Spirit … read more.

The Faith of the Open Mind

Rev. Dan Schatz. As the Summer comes to end, we turn to thoughts of our congregation, and explore what it is that makes Unitarian Universalism unique and important in the world and our lives. This is a good service to invite friends to.

Of Kayaks, Bicycles, and Basketball Hoops

Rev. Dan Schatz

During the Summer many of us recall childhood trips with the family, long days of playing, or just lazing under the trees after work. What we think of as “recreation” is not just a break from our “real world,” but an essential part … read more.

Ask the Minister

Rev. Dan Schatz

For the past month, our minister has been collecting questions from you. This morning he will give some answers. The service is earlier than usual this year, so please make sure to get questions in by Sunday, May 26.

The Old and the New

Rev. Dan Schatz. On the 200th anniversary of William Ellery Channing’s definitive statement of Unitarianism, we’ll look at what has changed and what hasn’t since the famous “Baltimore Sermon.” We are planning a ceremony of welcome for new members on this Sunday. If you are … read more.


Rev. Dan Schatz. In our ceremony of child dedication, we make many promises to these and all children. What are the promises all of us give to children and to society? This service will include a ceremony of dedication for babies and young children.