Speaker: Rev. Dan Schatz

Sproutings – Live-streamed

Rev. Dan Schatz.

Sometimes, it takes a long while for the seeds we plant to grow and blossom. As we learn to live with uncertainty, we often find that the seeds we plant in life take root in unexpected ways.

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A Leap of Faith

Rev. Dan Schatz.

Our congregation has taken many leaps over the years – how do we take the next leap together? This service will feature special music and member testimonials, as well as a message from Rev. Schatz.

A World of Chocolate

Rev. Dan Schatz.

The annual Feast of Decadent Chocolate is a beloved event in our congregation. In our special all ages service we will celebrate diversity through this most beloved of substances.

Between services we will celebrate our feast. Contributions of sweet and savory dishes made with … read more.

Lift Every Voice

Rev. Dan Schatz.

We begin Black History Month with a special service centering around the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” and its message for us as we lift our voices and hands for justice.

Grace for Mavericks

Rev. Dan Schatz.

Unitarian Universalists sometimes have a complicated relationship with words like “grace,” “sin,” “redemption” and even “God.” If we explore the ideas behind them, we may find hidden treasures that help us in our own spiritual growth, whatever our personal beliefs.

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