wcfc-page-banner-01Contact: Kim Ellerthorpe     E-mail: food-cupboard

The West Chester Food Cupboard provides a five- to seven-day supply of food on a monthly basis to people in need who live in the West Chester area. UCWC members provide financial donations, food donations, and volunteer support.

Recent Activity: The food collection raised on average 3-4 baskets of food each month. The donations for grocery cards totaled $$2,975 in 2014-15.

How to Make a Financial Donation:

Donations can be made in the collection plate. Write checks to “UCWC” and put “Food Cupboard” in the memo line. Funds are used to buy grocery cards that the Food Cupboard can use to buy needed items.

SJ-food-cupboard-IMG_1324First Sunday Food Collection:

We encourage members to bring in canned and boxed food items the first Sunday of each month. The food is taken to the West Chester Food Cupboard.

We are participants in the “Circle of Giving” program which means that we have agreed to collect specific kinds of food/products which vary each month according to a schedule provided by the food cupboard.

Annual Circle of Giving Schedule:

Jan – Canned Fruit
Feb – Personal Care Items (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant)
Mar – Peanut Butter and Jelly
Apr – Sides (Stuffing, Potatoes, Pasta, Rice-a-Roni, Mac & Cheese, etc.)
May – Condiments (Mustard, Ketchup, Pickles, etc.)
Jun – Pasta and Rice
Jul – Chunky Soups
Aug – Cereal
Sep – Paper Products (Toilet Paper, Tissues, Paper Towels)
Oct – Spaghetti Sauce and Canned Tomato Products
Nov – Dried Beans
Dec – Canned Meat and Fish

How to Volunteer at the West Chester Food Cupboard

To volunteer, send an email to the WC Food Cupboard.