Climate Justice Email Discussion List

The Climate Justice Email Discussion List is used to share ways to advocate for policies that address climate change.

Climate Justice Liaison: Matt Zencey is the UCWC liaison to the Chester County Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby. Contact: Matt Zencey.  Email: climate-justice

Animal Ministry

The Animal Ministry group educates and encourages Congregation members to support and participate in measures designed to reduce the abuse of animals. Contact: John Gribbin. Email: animal-ministry

Defenders of Democracy

To help members put UU values into action by pressing public officials to support progressive policies, constitutional principles, and democratic norms.. Contact: Matt Zencey. Email: democracy

Gun Violence Prevention

In 2013 Tom Buglio, was instrumental in the formation of the Chester County Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence. Tom is now the UCWC liaison to that group. Contact: Tom Buglio.     Email: gun-safety

Sustainable Living Email Discussion List

The Sustainable Living Email Discussion List is used for tips, events, advocacy alerts, and cooperation to promote a more sustainable world.