Speaker: UCWC Congregants

Carry-on Baggage

UCWC Congregants.

Live-stream and In-person.

When we think of our “baggage”, we generally think of unwanted weight that we bring with us. But if you’ve ever flown, you know that carry-on baggage is something much more positive. Your carry-ons are the essentials, the things that you … read more.

Our Spiritual Paths

UCWC Congregants.


Traveling along each of our spiritual paths is a unique experience. It can be a profound and singular journey and a joy of shared commitment simultaneously. Although Unitarian Universalists affirm the uniqueness and individual nature of a person’s spiritual path, our movement is … read more.

The Wife of Jonah

Rev. Kate Rohde.


In “The Wife of Jonah“, a first person account from Jonah’s wife on the real story of the prophet, Author Barbara Rohde imagined a woman’s perspective on Jaweh, his prophet, and her part in bringing forth God’s transformations.

The monologue will be performed … read more.

Remembering Fathers

UCWC Members & Friends

Live-stream here.

Fathers and father figures have a profound influence on the people who we were, are, and shall become. In this Sunday’s service, congregation members and friends will share memories and readings about fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers (and others).

Do you have a … read more.

Spiritual Journeys and Spiritual Paths

Our speakers will be several members who are not new to Unitarian Universalism. They will tell us about how their spiritual or humanist outlooks have changed or evolved during their time as UUs and what keeps them in Unitarian Universalism.

Memorial Day Eulogies

UCWC Congregants

In the spirit of Memorial Day, members of the Congregation will deliver eulogies for people who have died in war worldwide throughout history. In addition to service members, we will share eulogies of others whose contributions during war time were no less important.

Music Sunday – All Together Now

Miriam Davidson & UCWC Congregants. What do you get when you combine singers, instrumentalists, three choirs, soloists, quartets,, duos, singer-songwriters and you? Sounds like a Music Sunday to bring us together in worship and song! Great things happen when we come together and pool our … read more.