Speaker: Pam Baxter

RE Sunday: Growing Up UU

Pam Baxter, DLFD

“RE Sunday” is the annual service in which we celebrate classes and recognize teachers and other volunteers. This year, we’ll explore the different ways that we wove our UU Principles into Sunday morning classes—digging deeper into our seven UU Principles through stories, … read more.

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Join us for this very special intergenerational service, as we celebrate the diversity of life on earth and the diversity of human community. This year we honor Earth Day with a favorite Unitarian Universalist ritual — the Flower Celebration. In this ritual, every person brings … read more.

Gathering Blessings

We come together from many homes, backgrounds, and walks of life. Each gathering is a blessing, and each of us takes blessings with us when we go. This intergenerational ingathering service will celebrate the blessings we carry into the world. Part of the service will … read more.

RE Sunday: Toolbox of Faith

RE Sunday is the annual service in which we celebrate classes, recognize our volunteer teachers, and celebrate student milestones. This year, we’ll explore a Spirit Play class, learn what common toolbox items can remind us how to live our UU faith, and discover how the … read more.

Breaking Bread Together

The act of sharing bread is an ancient way of bringing people together. In our traditional UCWC Bread Communion, we will celebrate our diverse pathways and backgrounds and the common humanity that brings us together. We invite all members and friends of UCWC to bring … read more.