Speaker: Christopher Hyson

On Eternal Life

Chris Hyson.

Live stream and in-person.

Eternal life is something that billions of humans have strived for, at least throughout recorded history and likely for much longer. The promise of existence beyond life is central to many of the world’s major religions, but often with prerequisites or caveats. … read more.

Earthworms – Live-streamed

Chris Hyson.

What do we have in common with earthworms? Although our biology is exceptionally different (we’re not even in the same phylum), when it comes to stepping out of our comfort zones, we have a lot more in common than you might think.

Live-stream here.


Dear Members and Friends,

Due to the ice storm predicted for tomorrow morning, our December 1 Sunday service is canceled.  Please stay safe during the winter weather.

We will see you on December 6, for Cookies, Cocoa and Choir, and on December 8, for our regular 9:15 … read more.

The Spirituality of Hard Work

Building a great monument, raising a child, perfecting an Excel spreadsheet, and even digging a hole in the back yard—doing hard work brings us great rewards. Cultures throughout history have expressed their value of hard work in their own ways. We’ll explore how our own … read more.