Rev. Dan Schatz

My Love Is a Dreamer

People relate to their country in many ways – as workers, as lovers, as dreamers, as immigrants, as protestors and more. Those who understood love of country the most have often been those who were able to view their homeland with honest eyes and hold it to the highest possible standards. On this 4th of … Continued

Ask the Minister

For the past month, our minister has been collecting questions from you. This morning he will give some answers. If you have a question for the service, please get it to Dan no later than June 4.

Gardeners of the Spirit

For many of us, Spring is a time to work in the gardens—but there are many kinds of gardens.  What would it mean for us to become gardeners of the spirit?

Spiritual Parents

This will be our first service in The Concept School — 1120 Street Rd, West Chester — during our building renovations. On Mother’s Day, we honor all those who have taken on a parenting role in our lives, from our own parents to those mothers and fathers of spirit who helped us grow into the … Continued

Memories and Flowers

In a very special intergenerational service, we will celebrate the beginning of our renovation by by sharing memories and stories of our time in this building so far.  We will also share flowers, in the traditional Unitarian Universalist ritual – a reminder that the real beauty in our congregation is not the building, however wonderful, … Continued

The Times They Are a-Changin’ — Music Sunday

A Musical Benediction, Affirmation and Celebration. Join us for our annual Music Sunday service. This morning’s worship will be filled with music to sooth, inspire, and get us ready for the big changes coming in the life of our congregation.

Living Hope

In its pagan and Christian origins, Easter celebrates the renewal of the spirit, life reborn and persistent hope. Unitarian Universalists can find very real meaning in these themes today.

Making It Up As You Go Along

Much of life is improvisational. In a faith that provides no single road map to Ultimate Truth, religion can be improvisational as well – but no less powerful for that. This service will include a Signing Ceremony to welcome our newest members.

Piles of Stuff

Old magazines, childhood toys, and souvenirs from long-forgotten vacations – these things fill our basements, attics and storage units. Decades old Religious Education curricula, donated computers and forgotten furniture – these things fill our congregation’s building! What do we do with all of this stuff, and why is it important to us anyway? In this … Continued

House of the Heart

Our Unitarian Universalist community can be many things—a place of inspiration, wonder, justice making, learning and growth—but when events touch our lives it becomes a place of comfort, celebration and solace. This very special service will include a ritual of blessing and caring.