Rev. Dan Schatz

The Republic of Heaven

“The Kingdom of Heaven” is an ancient image, and for many Unitarian Universalists, an uncomfortable one. The novelist Philip Pullman, author of The Golden Compass, suggests a “Republic of Heaven.” What might a truly democratic cosmology look like? This service will be followed by a Town Hall.

The Measure of a Soul

The Jewish high holy days are a time for taking stock of our lives, paying off debts, and measuring our deeds. That practice of taking account can be a deeply moving and transforming experience. At The Concept School.

The Space Between

We live much of our lives in the spaces between events. Honoring and learning from these times can be an important part of our spiritual growth. At The Concept School.


Unitarian Universalism is a diverse religion, as the United States is a diverse nation and West Chester a diverse community. How do we honor different ideas and experiences while creating unity and justice?

Gathering Blessings

We come together from many homes, backgrounds, and walks of life. Each gathering is a blessing, and each of us takes blessings with us when we go. This intergenerational ingathering service will celebrate the blessings we carry into the world. Part of the service will be a “Blessing of the Backpacks.” All school age children … Continued

Infinity in Your Hand

In the rush of living we often miss the small details. When we look more closely, we can find sacredness even in those things that we find most ordinary. At the Concept School.

My Love Is a Dreamer

People relate to their country in many ways – as workers, as lovers, as dreamers, as immigrants, as protestors and more. Those who understood love of country the most have often been those who were able to view their homeland with honest eyes and hold it to the highest possible standards. On this 4th of … Continued

Ask the Minister

For the past month, our minister has been collecting questions from you. This morning he will give some answers. If you have a question for the service, please get it to Dan no later than June 4.

Gardeners of the Spirit

For many of us, Spring is a time to work in the gardens—but there are many kinds of gardens.  What would it mean for us to become gardeners of the spirit?

Spiritual Parents

This will be our first service in The Concept School — 1120 Street Rd, West Chester — during our building renovations. On Mother’s Day, we honor all those who have taken on a parenting role in our lives, from our own parents to those mothers and fathers of spirit who helped us grow into the … Continued