Rev. Dan Schatz

Practice Loving Kindness

Unitarian Universalists often speak of “the inherent worth and dignity of every person.” This is easy to embrace in theory, but sometimes difficult in practice. What does it mean to practice loving kindness, especially when we are in conflict with another?

The Unexpected

The story of Easter is a tale of events that did not turn out the way people expected. The unexpected comes in many ways, throughout our lives — whether it takes the form of a spiritual resurrection, an opening of the heart, or an April Fool’s joke.

A Circle of Blessings

We offer blessings to one another in many ways. This service will include a candlelit ritual of blessing, connection, and caring. After the service, please stay for the special blessing of our “Just Deserts!”

The Secret of Happiness

Philosophers have claimed to have it; explorers have died trying to find it.  What is the secret of happiness?

A Larger Circle

We begin this month by celebrating the circle of our congregation, with music from the Spirit Singers along with words from Rev. Schatz and UCWC members.

Science, Religion and Truth

Unitarian Universalism has long had a creative relationship with science. How does science inform our quest for truth and meaning?

All This and Chocolate Too

Unitarian Universalism is a feast for the mind, heart and spirit. Chocolate is simply a feast, and our congregation’s annual Feast of Decadent Chocolate will be a true celebration. Bring a friend with you to enjoy this beloved and delicious UCWC tradition!

To Sing A Prayer

There are many ways to open our hearts to the universe and beauty in the singing of a prayer.

A Revolution in Kindness

In an era when the language of resistance has become part of everyday experience, millions of people have joined social movements, while others give to their communities in quieter ways.

Sustaining Souls

We join in our Unitarian Universalist community to support, sustain and nurture one another’s souls. How can we strengthen our connections and deepen our spiritual growth in a growing congregation?