Rev. Dan Schatz

Growth, Wonder & Healing (Bring A Friend Sunday)

What is the Unitarian Universalist story of humanity, and how do we begin to embrace it? If you have been waiting until we were all moved in to share our congregation with a friend (or two or three), this would be an excellent Sunday to bring them.

Meet the World Anew

Children naturally view the world with fresh senses and ideas. When we pay attention to them, we too may find ourselves opened to new truths. This service will include a ceremony of dedication for young children. If you would like your child to be included in the dedication ceremony, please contact Pam Baxter or Rev. … Continued

Bread to Make a Home (Annual Intergenerational Bread Service)

Bread symbolizes hearth and home and comfort. Sharing of bread is a way of bringing people together. In our annual UCWC Bread Service, we will honor our many backgrounds and the common humanity that brings us together in this, our spiritual home. We invite all members and friends of UCWC to bring a kind of … Continued

Open the Doors (Building Dedication at 501 S. High St.)

At 501 South High Street. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – 9:30 am on the front steps.  Singing for Gathering – 9:50 am.  Service – 10:00 am. Come celebrate our newly renovated congregation. In this special intergenerational service, we will dedicate our newly renovated sacred space, celebrating in words, music and community. Nursery care will be available … Continued

Blackened Turkey and Other Disasters

In our last service at The Concept School (again) we’ll ask what we do when events don’t turn out as planned. (Remember to set your clocks back one hour this week!)

All Souls

Traditionally, All Souls is a day to honor our ancestors and remember the dead. This special service, our last at The Concept School, will include a ritual of remembrance. All who come are invited to bring a photograph or a memento of someone you are remembering for the altar. At the Concept School. Following this … Continued

Listen to the Struggle

Last Spring, we joined with Unitarian Universalist congregations across the country for a teach-in on White Supremacy. The organizers of that movement have asked us to engage in a second Sunday dedicated to discussing White Supremacy. For this special sermon, Rev. Schatz will talk about systemic racism, the Black Lives Matter movement, current events, and … Continued

The Republic of Heaven

“The Kingdom of Heaven” is an ancient image, and for many Unitarian Universalists, an uncomfortable one. The novelist Philip Pullman, author of The Golden Compass, suggests a “Republic of Heaven.” What might a truly democratic cosmology look like? This service will be followed by a Town Hall.

The Measure of a Soul

The Jewish high holy days are a time for taking stock of our lives, paying off debts, and measuring our deeds. That practice of taking account can be a deeply moving and transforming experience. At The Concept School.

The Space Between

We live much of our lives in the spaces between events. Honoring and learning from these times can be an important part of our spiritual growth. At The Concept School.