giving-gardeners-bannerYour Annual Pledge

Making a pledge and following up with regular contributions is the primary way that members and friends give financial support to UCWC. Pledges are typically solicited from members and friends in March, but pledging can be a year round activity. The generous pledges of members and friends and, to a lesser degree, the success of other fundraisers, determine the amount of financial resources available to our congregation and form the basis of the annual budget which the congregation approves at our year-end Congregational Meeting. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Giving FAQ

What Can You Give?
  • Cash.
  • Investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares. Appreciated investments are a wise choice because of tax benefits to the donor.
  • The benefit of a retirement plan.
  • The ownership of benefit of a life insurance policy.
  • Other property of value or gift items (with prior approval of the Finance committee).
How Can You Give?

To make a payment on a pledge, simply write a check to “UCWC” and specify “Pledge” in the memo line. This can be dropped in the collection plate on Sunday or mailed to the office. Alternately, if your bank has on-line banking you can set up an automatic weekly or monthly payment, giving the name and address of UCWC as the “payee.”  Your bank will send us a check. Contributions to other “restricted” funds can be made in the same way. See “What are Restricted Funds.”  All above contributions are 100% tax deductible.

What Are Restricted Funds?

It is also possible to give to the UCWC by donating to restricted funds. Restricted funds are earmarked for a specific purpose. These funds are separate from the operating budget (except for the Repair and Replacement Fund) and are funded by special donations and fundraisers. Money donated to one of these funds is kept in the fund until the money is spent for the specified purpose.

There are four permanent restricted funds. Three—the Capital Projects Fund, the Endowment Fund, and the Social Action Trust Fund—are not funded from the annual budget. A fourth permanent restricted fund, the Repair and Replacement Fund for major building repairs, is funded by the annual budget, but may receive gifts.

  • Capital Projects Fund–The Capital Projects Fund is a restricted fund that accepts planned and special gifts that will be used to meet the expenses of major improvements to the building and grounds and for major maintenance work.
  • Endowment Fund–The Endowment Fund is a restricted fund that accepts planned and special gifts for future needs. The Endowment Fund income will be used for identified special or enduring programs or projects and will not be used to meet the Congregation’s annual operating budget expenses.
  • Social Action Trust Fund–The Social Action Trust Fund is a restricted fund that distributes money to social action projects originating in West Chester, PA. Social action groups in the Fellowship are encouraged to make recommendations to the Board for granting awards or donations to deserving local social action groups.
  • Repair and Replacement Fund– The Repair and Replacement Fund is for non-standard major maintenance and repair of the building or systems within the building not normally anticipated as ongoing annual expenses.
  • Other Restricted Funds–In addition, the board may create short-term restricted funds for a special purpose. Examples are a fund to buy a new piano or a memorial fund.
Whom Do You Contact?
While the Congregation’s Planned Giving Program resources are invested by the Finance committee, the disbursement of funds is overseen by the Board of Trustees. Any member, committee, or other entity of the Congregation may nominate a recipient or suggest a use for grants from the endowment. The selection criteria used by the Board of Trustees for determining grant beneficiaries will be based on the Congregation’s vision and mission.