Within Us

True spiritual depth is about something deeper and more important than perfection.

Love Stories

This special All Ages service for Valentine’s Day will lift up the many forms of love in our lives. Members are encouraged to invite a guest family to this service and to the chocolate afterwards.

Following the service, we will celebrate our annual Feast of Decadent … read more.

Beyond Walls

What is the purpose of a wall, and how can we navigate borders, whether of nation, self, or spirit, in a better way?

Work and Rest: The Rhythm of Our Lives

In the United States, we often define ourselves and each other by how we work and what we do. Taking time for anything other than work can be difficult. How did we arrive at this attitude, and how can we achieve balance between work and … read more.

So Much More

What can we give when we can only give so much?

MLK Sunday: Moved by Love

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke frequently about the motivating power of love. His lessons resonate today in our personal lives and our commitment to abetter world.

Now What – Bring a Friend Sunday

The Unitarian Universalist search for truth and meaning can take us in unexpected directions, in a sometimes unpredictable world. Please consider bringing a friend this (and every) Sunday!

Intergenerational Christmas Eve Service

Join us for a very special participatory Christmas Eve service as we tell the age-old story of a birth and the holiness of every child. There will be easy roles for all ages (including very young children), and no rehearsal is required. Please plan to … read more.