Music Sunday: Celebrating Our Own

Come share and participate in a very special music service, highlighting our own members, the Spirit Singers, and special guests. This is an “all ages” service.

Give Light

“Give light,” said Ella Baker, “and the people will find the way.” On this Mother’s Day, what can we learn from the woman often referred to as “The Mother of the Civil Rights movement?”

Together We Promise

As we welcome new members to our congregation, the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Pat Infante will join Rev. Dan Schatz to explore what it means to make promises as a community and begin our process of promise making.

Preserving Faith

What do historic preservation, building restoration, biology, eastern philosophy, and faith all have in common? What can we learn about faith from our own bodies and from theories on the historic preservation of architecture? Join us for an exploration of these topics and how we can use them to reflect on our own growing faiths … Continued

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Join us for this very special intergenerational service, as we celebrate the diversity of life on earth and the diversity of human community. This year we honor Earth Day with a favorite Unitarian Universalist ritual — the Flower Celebration. In this ritual, every person brings a flower, we arrange them and bless them, and we … Continued

Practice Loving Kindness

Unitarian Universalists often speak of “the inherent worth and dignity of every person.” This is easy to embrace in theory, but sometimes difficult in practice. What does it mean to practice loving kindness, especially when we are in conflict with another?

Halos and Holiness

We will investigate halos through several millennia — round halos, square halos, even anti-halos. Halos mark the presence of the holy, so we will explore what being holy means.

The Unexpected

The story of Easter is a tale of events that did not turn out the way people expected. The unexpected comes in many ways, throughout our lives — whether it takes the form of a spiritual resurrection, an opening of the heart, or an April Fool’s joke.

A Circle of Blessings

We offer blessings to one another in many ways. This service will include a candlelit ritual of blessing, connection, and caring. After the service, please stay for the special blessing of our “Just Deserts!”

Gender-Based Justice: Everyday Acts

Our speaker explores the current #metoo and gender-based violence in a larger context that provides information on the topic and emphasizes the myriad of ways that people can support each other and bolster social justice. Lisa C Huebner, Ph.D, is a feminist sociologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at West … Continued