Gender-Based Justice: Everyday Acts

Our speaker explores the current #metoo and gender-based violence in a larger context that provides information on the topic and emphasizes the myriad of ways that people can support each other and bolster social justice. Lisa C Huebner, Ph.D, is a feminist sociologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at West … Continued

The Secret of Happiness

Philosophers have claimed to have it; explorers have died trying to find it.  What is the secret of happiness?

A Larger Circle

We begin this month by celebrating the circle of our congregation, with music from the Spirit Singers along with words from Rev. Schatz and UCWC members.

Science, Religion and Truth

Unitarian Universalism has long had a creative relationship with science. How does science inform our quest for truth and meaning?

Weeds – The Blessing of Imperfections

We are in the midst of winter, and we do not yet know how our lawns and gardens will fare in the coming months. But we can be certain that dandelions, crab grass, and their brethren will be a part of our spring, summer, and fall. They challenge us and they vex us, but they … Continued

All This and Chocolate Too

Unitarian Universalism is a feast for the mind, heart and spirit. Chocolate is simply a feast, and our congregation’s annual Feast of Decadent Chocolate will be a true celebration. Bring a friend with you to enjoy this beloved and delicious UCWC tradition!

To Sing A Prayer

There are many ways to open our hearts to the universe and beauty in the singing of a prayer.

A Revolution in Kindness

In an era when the language of resistance has become part of everyday experience, millions of people have joined social movements, while others give to their communities in quieter ways.

Sustaining Souls

We join in our Unitarian Universalist community to support, sustain and nurture one another’s souls. How can we strengthen our connections and deepen our spiritual growth in a growing congregation?

Bayard Rustin: Our Own Non-violent Revolutionary

A West Chester native, Bayard Rustin was a strong voice against racism from his earliest years. He faced every challenge with grace, courage, and an unwavering belief in peaceful resistance that reflected his Quaker heritage. Jailed as a teenager in West Chester, sentenced to a chain gang for a 1947 Freedom Ride, and credited with … Continued