To see the Small Group Ministry meetings, click HERE.

Many of these links are password-protected, but those links have the meeting ID and password embedded in them. You will not have to enter a password.

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2nd Sun 11:00am UU QA Session in Social Hour CLICK Wayne Bullaughey
2nd Sun 7:00pm Diversity Book Group CLICK Debby Kern
3rd Sun 7:00pm Racial Equity Discussion CLICK Sandy Schaal
Weekly Sun 11:00am Social Hour CLICK Wayne Bullaughey
—— —— —— —— ——
1st Mon 7:00pm UCWC Exec Cmte Mtg CLICK Maggie Christy
2nd Mon 6:30pm Religious Services Committee CLICK Chris Hyson
3rd Mon 7:30pm Criminal Justice Reform Program CLICK Robin Garrett
—— —— —— —— ——
November 30 6:30pm UU History and Theologies CLICK Rev. Dan
1st Tue 4:30pm Criminal Justice Reform Team Mtg CLICK Robin Garrett
1st Tue 7:00pm Men’s Group Mtg Contact for Access
2nd Tue 7:00pm UCWC Program Council Mtg CLICK Program Lead
3rd Tue 4:30pm Adult RE Cmte Mtg CLICK DLFD / Sandy Schaal
3rd Tue 6:30pm UCWC Board Meeting CLICK President
3rd Tue 7:00pm Adult RE “World Religions” CLICK DLFD
—— —— —— —— ——
1st Wed 7:00pm Small Group Facilitators CLICK Rev.Dan
1st Wed 7:00pm Ethics Discussion: The Good Place CLICK DLFD 
3rd Wed 3:00pm BLM Committee Mtg CLICK Sandy Schaal
3rd Wed 7:00pm Ethics Discussion: The Good Place CLICK DLFD 
4th Wed 7:00pm Membership Team Mtg CLICK Membership Lead
—— —— —— —— ——
3rd Thu 7:00pm Religious Education Cmte CLICK DLFD
Weekly Thu 7:00pm Spirit Singers Rehearsal CLICK Miriam
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Weekly Sat 7:00pm Open ZOOM CLICK Gerry Giess