Working towards Harmony of Harmonizing Opposites


In what ways is the managing of a public sector union like the performance or creation of a musical composition, and what do these seemingly disparate actions say about the way I view the universe and our place within? I will consider the definition of harmony on several levels and by several important thinkers and incorporate a few brief musical works from the ages of faith and reason. I hope to prove that only through difference can we find perfection.

Mark Rimple is Chapter President, Association of Pennsylvania College and University Faculties and Professor of Music Theory and Composition at West Chester University School of Music. He is a composer whose works have been performed by Choral Arts Philadelphia, Parnassus, The 21st Century Consort, and Melomanie, among others. As a performer of early music, he has appeared with The Newberry Consort, Piffaro, The Folger Consort, Trefoil and Severall Friends.