How Do We Do Justice?

David Garlock.

Live-stream and In Person.

Our society is one that always talks about Justice. We have those who are adamant about “Law and Order” and others who are always shouting, “If you do the crime, then do the time”. As people of faith, how does our faith line up with these slogans? Does the justice that the society has created line up with what our faith teaches us? For us to “Do Justice”, we need to look into what true justice is and then we get to live it out on a daily basis.

David Garlock, having experienced incarceration, is now a local, Coatesville-based justice activist. He says, ”Sharing parts of my story and the work that I have done since my release from prison, we will be able to see justice in a different light and then how we get to live it out on a daily basis.”