Hinduism: Core Beliefs and Way of Life

Raj Nigam


Hinduism rests on the core beliefs of Karma (not what you may think), Dharma (duty), Evaluation (personal accountability), Reincarnation (try again till you succeed), and Divine Spark (unique concept of divinity and what it implies). We will explore how these basic tenets of Hinduism influence morals and ethics (way of life / daily living) and compare them with Unitarian Universalism on a couple of aspects.

Raj Nigam has delivered sermons on varied topics at several UU churches and congregations. He grew up in India and has now been in the US for more than 55 years. He worked in the Applied Mathematics and Statistics area in business, before retiring in 2004. He and his wife Elaine continue to be, and have been, active in The UU Congregation of Princeton, New Jersey for 45+ years, including serving as Presidents of the Congregation.