Harvest the Power: Developing Lay Leadership

UCWC is offering the UUA leadership development program, “Harvest the Power: Developing Lay Leadership”. Yes, our goal is to foster and develop leadership within UCWC, but we also know that strengthening individual members strengthens our community. Our conversations about leadership are potentially for everyone—whether you want to lead from the front or from behind, whether you have experience or are a novice.

The workshops are organized into three units:

    Identity – Who Are We?
    Purpose – What Ends Do We Serve?
    Path – In what way will we lead?

Within each unit, there are themes that focus on UU leadership in terms of the self, the community, leadership, and vision. You are invited to participate in as many or as few of the 12 sessions as interest you. For a detailed grid of the entire course, click here.

About You

Your Choices

You may register for any combination of sessions, or all of the sessions. Please indicate which sessions you plan to attend.

All session are 4 to 6 pm in the social room.


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