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Mission: To help members put Unitarian Universalist values into action by being part of the democratic process and urging public officials to support constitutional principles, uphold democratic norms and ensure integrity in our government


On March 21st, West Chester Borough Council unanimously voted 7-0 for our Resolution for Strengthening Our Democracy, which is based upon the American Anti-Corruption Act.

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, many people in our congregation were concerned about the direction the country is headed and wanted to find a better way forward. Now entering our third year, we are even more concerned about corruption, unchecked abuse of power and widespread threats to the freedoms, rule of law, and respect for diversity that are embodied in our country’s Constitution and our UU tradition.

Currently we focus on these areas:

  • Fight legalized corruption: It’s too easy for those with lots of money to buy influence in our political system and for politicians to exploit their positions for personal gain.
  • End gerrymandering: Voters should pick their politicians, instead of politicians picking their voters.
  • Expand voting rights: Our laws should make voting easier, not harder.
  • Defend the truth: We speak up when elected officials and their propagandists are shamelessly lying, manipulating the public and attacking our free press.

We share information on how you can get involved and make your voice heard on these (and other) issues. Our work includes contacting and lobbying elected officials, seeking media coverage, using social media, and joining marches and rallies. We also work with like-minded groups, including the Good Government team of UUPLAN (the UU Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network). Using our power as ordinary citizens, we insist that our government officials respect the principles that are the bedrock of our democracy.