After some 20 years in our High Street building, we have made the renovations necessary to truly claim this space as our congregational home. We have kept the beautiful historical details of our cherished building while reconfiguring the space to suit our needs better and to utilize previously unoccupied spaces.

We naturally want our furnishings to match the beauty of our new spiritual home. Much of the old furnishings were donated or sold when we moved out. We need to replace some items and buy some new items for our reconfigured space.

The Stay Committee and the Aesthetics and Build teams have created a comprehensive list. Each item has been categorized and assigned a priority. As you can see from the list below the form, the estimated cost is ~$30,000. While we need number of items upon move-in or shortly thereafter, a little more than half are scheduled for the new year.

Since the original Capital Campaign included only the cost of the actual renovations, we have created a Furnishings Fund to make these purchases. Our goal is to complete our Furnishings Fund Campaign in early 2018.

Contributing to the Furnishings Fund is simple. Use the form below to buy shares. Shares cost $25 each, and you can purchase as many as your budget allows. Please be as generous as you can. All contributions are tax deductible.

If you were unable to contribute to the Capital Campaign, this is an ideal opportunity to help us add finishing touches to our beautiful new building. Thank you for your continued support.


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The Executive Team and Committee leadership have compiled a list of items and tasks necessary to complete the renovation. These purchases and tasks have been envisioned as arising in three different time frames:

  • Pre-Move in – which we intend to complete before the first service on November 5th.
  • Pre-Christmas – which we intend to complete between November 5 and the Christmas Eve service.
  • Post-Christmas – which have no set time frame for completion. Initiating and completing these items will be contingent on Executive Team approval and available funding.

The funding request is intended to provide us with the ability to phase in these various acquisitions and tasks. The following lists are intended to provide you with an overview of the activities within a given time frame:

Pre-Move In activities and acquisitions include:

  • Purchasing a new chalice
  • Repoint brick steps at front steps
  • Install window blinds in the main floor bathrooms
  • Reinstall salvaged kitchen cabinets in fireplace room with new countertops
  • Acquiring new rugs for the basement rooms
  • Acquiring and installing wall-mounted infant changing tables
  • Return and tune both pianos

The estimated cost for the Pre-Move In list is approximately $3,600.

The Pre-Christmas list of activities and acquisitions includes:

  • Reinstall white basement cabinets for RE storage
  • Complete acquisition and installation of rugs in the basement
  • Acquire and install an outdoor shed for our lawn equipment
  • Acquire and install an outdoor shed for trash cans
  • Repair or replace the handrail at the front steps
  • Install a bar-height coffee counter in the social hall
  • Acquire and install bulletin boards in the social hall.
  • Acquire and install a new dishwasher in the kitchenette
  • Acquire and install a new stove/range in the kitchenette
  • Construct and install acoustical panels for rear of sanctuary
  • Complete the acquisition of sound system components
  • Purchase new holiday decorations
  • Acquire a new podium/pulpit, pedestal for the chalice, and side tables for the stage

The estimated cost for the Pre-Christmas list is approximately $11,000.

The Post-Christmas list of activities and acquisitions includes:

  • Construct and install storage room shelving in the basement
  • Construct and install covers for those basement pipes not covered by soffits
  • Acquire replacement furniture for the basement
  • Construct and install bookshelves and cabinets in various basement rooms
  • Acquire and install an under-counter refrigerator for the basement
  • Complete landscaping around new ramp, new front-yard HVAC units and the emergency exit stairwell
  • Acquire lawn equipment/maintenance tools
  • Construct and install new window well covers
  • Construct new board walk from south side emergency exit to alley
  • Construct and install a kitchen pass-through door
  • Acquire a new microwave for the kitchenette
  • Install a window in the social hall partition wall adjacent to the attic stairs
  • Construct and install a built-in cabinet to left of fireplace
  • Construct and install a literature display cabinet
  • Construct and install a membership badge storage cabinet
  • Construct and install shelving or a storage cabinet in the meditation room
  • Construct and install interior window shutters in the sanctuary
  • Acquire a portable ramp for ADA access to the stage
  • Acquire and install a projection Screen for stage wall in sanctuary

The estimated cost for the Post-Christmas List is approximately $16,000.