Stages of Life

Shakespeare said there are “seven ages of man.”  Whether or not there are exactly seven, what are these, and how might we transition from one to another.

Age of Discontent

This sermon examines the feelings of this age, primarily frustration, division, and discontent, as the root issues of human civilization that lead us to both war and peace.

African Dance

Janet Peck is back to treat us with her annual Let’s All African Dance service.  Everyone is welcome!  Absolutely no experience necessary. Just wear comfy clothes and a big smile.  Live drummers led by Quint Lange.

People On The Move: Our Annual Folk Singing Service

People have been on the move for as long as they have lived on Earth. The reasons have been as varied as the people themselves. Today, we’ll highlight some of those reasons with a selection of songs in a variety of styles and historical contexts. We’ll include old favorites as well as ones some of … Continued

Infinity in Your Hand

In the rush of living we often miss the small details. When we look more closely, we can find sacredness even in those things that we find most ordinary. At the Concept School.

During our renovations, services will be held at The Concept School, 1120 East Street Rd.