Ask the Minister

Rev. Dan Schatz

For the past month, our minister has been collecting questions from you. This morning he will give some answers. The service is earlier than usual this year, so please make sure to get questions in by Sunday, May 26.

RE Sunday: Growing Up UU

Pam Baxter, DLFD

“RE Sunday” is the annual service in which we celebrate classes and recognize teachers and other volunteers. This year, we’ll explore the different ways that we wove our UU Principles into Sunday morning classes—digging deeper into our seven UU Principles through stories, … read more.

Ye Olde Hymn Sing

Michael Werner and Jason Shaefer-Valerius

Please join us as Michael Werner and Jason Shaefer-Valerius lead us in songfest of our favorite hymns.  In what has become a favorite service for many, each year for the past eighteen years we have explored our hymnal and gathered together … read more.

From Pakistan to Chester County

Bushra Qureshi

Growing up in Pakistan, to Bushra Qureshi America was where Mohammed Ali reigned and Michael Jackson sang, where Hollywood movies were made, and Disney made dreams come true — a true melting pot where all could live the American Dream. Bushra will tell us … read more.

From Hughes to Hip Hop

Patricia DeBrady

From early America to modern hip hop, Black poets have played an important, but often underrepresented and underappreciated role. Special guest Patricia DeBrady brings them to the fore at UCWC.

Patricia DeBrady has presented/taught African and African American literature to classes, communities, and gatherings of … read more.