Stories of Justice

The actions each of us take for justice can make a large difference in the world. In this service we will tell justice stories, and celebrate our own capacity for the work of the world. Along with Rev. Schatz, we will hear from Rick Williams, … read more.

Caring for Souls

Our congregation is a place of learning, of spiritual connection, of growth, and of community. It is also a community in which we care for one another. This service will include our annual candlelight ritual of blessing, connection, and caring.

Digging Deep: Poetry Service

Often the poet’s words come from deep within and have the ability to reach deep within us and touch our hearts. Sometimes we need to dig to find those words that express what we need to say. Come listen to the Annual Poetry Service as … read more.

In the Wilderness

In-between places can be anxiety producing — but they can also be exciting and creative. As we move close to the season of Passover, how will we make our time “in the wilderness” sacred?

This service will be followed by a Town Hall. Please plan to … read more.


In our ceremony of child dedication, we make many promises to these and all children. What are the promises all of us give to children and to society? This service will include a ceremony of dedication for babies and young children.