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Bread to Make a Home (Annual Intergenerational Bread Service)

Bread symbolizes hearth and home and comfort. Sharing of bread is a way of bringing people together. In our annual UCWC Bread Service, we will honor our many backgrounds and the common humanity that brings us together in this, our spiritual home. We invite all members and friends of UCWC to bring a kind of … Continued

The Scourge of Gun Violence

With two high profile local shootings and the Las Vegas massacre, the awareness of the ongoing scourge of gun violence seems relentless. Join us for a conversation on where the issue stands today, five years after Sandy Hook, and what can be done about it. As UU’s, we feel a moral imperative to help reduce … Continued

Returning to High Street November 5
During our renovations through October 29, services will be held at The Concept School, 1120 East Street Rd. Beginning November 5, we will return to our renovated home at 501 South High Street in West Chester.