Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, members of our congregation will share readings and poems on the broad themes of loss in war and the experience of service. Beyond the parades and picnics, join us for this special service.

Why I Am (Still) A Unitarian Universalist

There are many reasons to love Unitarian Universalism. On this special Sunday, Rev. Dan will explore just a few.

RE Sunday: How Do We Know What to Believe?

“RE Sunday” is the annual service in which we celebrate classes and recognize our teachers and other volunteers. This year, we’ll explore a Spirit Play class, learn how Harry Potter and wizardry encourage us to take action to combat hunger, homelessness, illiteracy, and other conditions, and how The Twilight Zone provides a starting point for … Continued

Ask the Minister

For the past month, our minister has been collecting questions from you.  This morning he will give some answers!  All questions must be in no later than Sunday, June 3.

Ye Olde Hymn Sing

Please join us as Michael Werner and Jason Shaefer-Valerius lead us in song-fest of our favorite hymns.  In what has become a favorite service for many, each year for the past 17 years we have explored our hymnal and gathered together to sing our favorite hymns. We’ve given up trying to stump the pianist and … Continued