Tom Townsend

I came from a conservative family, and I went to a very conservative, southern high school. Then I went to Oberlin College, the first college to become co-educational and the first college to integrate. There the process started.

Then I went to grad school at Purdue, which again was very conservative–in fact, one of the three CongressMEN in the entire House of Representatives, who voted against the impeachment of President Nixon, was from this district. While there I visited a Unitarian Congregation. Then I finally realized–I could be a liberal without shame.

Unitarians are in it for the greater good. It’s about giving back, not taking. I find it very peaceful every time I set foot in 501 S. High Street. I like the people, and I like the fact that “liberal” is not a dirty word. I have belonged to four UU congregations in the Philadelphia area (I’m picky) and more than a dozen from Coast to Coast. But when I first came to UCWC, I knew that the shoe fit. But nothing comes without sacrifice and involvement in this world–that’s why I give to UCWC both monetarily and with my time.