Tom Buglio

I joined the UFWC in 1999, looking for a spiritual home that wouldn’t have a dogma or set of beliefs that everyone had to subscribe to, but one that respected everyone’s personal views and journey concerning the big questions of life.

I also was looking for a church that provided a Religious Education that would be multi-cultural and non-denominational for my two sons, looking for spiritual inspiration from many and diverse religions and philosophies in the world. I have enjoyed intelligent sermons from our ministers who inform, entertain and challenge us to live our lives ‘responsibly , working for a just and compassionate world.’

I guess, most importantly, I was also looking for a group of people who felt strongly about social justice issues, such as Racism, Sexism, Multiculturalism, Poverty, and gun safety… with a liberal/active view on the issues of the day. I was hoping that my church home would provide opportunities to help make a difference, help make the world
a better place.

My hopes have been realized. From the Washington bus trip to the Million Mom March for gun safety, to coming to the support of the Community Center when Swastikas were painted on the walls, to building a Habitat House with a coalition of church groups, to an active social justice committee, and an environmental group promoting green living, our Unitarian Congregation of West Chester has given me, and other members many opportunities to contribute, and help build a better world.

Add to that the bonus of playing music for services on piano and organ, and performing in Who Needs Nigel, our unofficial UCWC Rock Band, as well as the many good friends made, I have a spiritual home that enriches my life.