Rhonda Price Keljikian

I love being UU, and the Congregation has been an important part of our lives since we moved here in 2006. My two girls are 10 and 11 years old, and I think the most important part of the Congregation for me is the education that they are receiving. I really like the diversity of the RE program, and I like the curriculum that they are exposed to.

But it is much more than that. The Congregation provides opportunities for all of us to volunteer as a family several times a year, trough Safe Harbor and MLK, Jr, Day of Service. The girls are able to be a part of programs, such as Pennies for Peace, and they understand that these programs are global, and they get a sense of ownership.

Recently, my oldest daughter, Hayden, had the following thought: “I know what it means to be UU. It means you have your own God, and when you dance, or play the drums, or sing, or pray, your spirit goes up into the Heavens and honors your God.” The fact that she is even thinking about such things, and has the freedom to explore this idea, is in part due to her time at the Congregation.

This is why Unitarian Congregation of West Chester is important to us.