Giving to our religious home should feel good! It provides everyone another way to be intentional about what UCWC means in our lives.

We welcome financial commitments in all amounts. How much you give is up to you, and depends on your circumstances. In the spirit of joyful giving, here is a color-coded guide.

RED households include at least one member with a well-paying job, or a good pension or income-producing assets. Red contributors have discretionary income and could travel abroad. A red pledge is $350 to $700/month or more.

PURPLE households have a reasonably high income but may have kids in college or other obligations. Purple's pledge is $150 to $400/month.

BLUE households may be retired and/or living on a fixed income, or income that is up one year and down the next. A blue pledge is $50 to $200/month.

GREEN households do not have a lot of money to spare. Green may be a single parent family, or unemployed, or living on Social Security, or raising a big family. Most green individuals pledge an average of $20 to $75/month.

We are grateful for every commitment and every gift.