Emerging Anew!

If someone had told me twelve months ago that a congregation could not only survive, but thrive without being able to meet in person for over a year, I would have laughed out loud.  But that’s exactly what we’ve done – celebrating, grieving, worshiping, learning, and even singing together, across miles and over computer screens.  It has been a tough but amazing year, and we’re ready to look to the future.

As we emerge anew in the coming year, our pledges of financial support are more important than they have ever been.  Much of our non-pledge income remains uncertain, and we know some of our members are struggling.  If you are able, I hope you will consider increasing your pledge, and if you are new to our congregation or not currently pledging, I hope you will make a pledge.

Together we can emerge stronger than ever.

With warmth and love,
Rev. Dan Schatz