In our congregational vision statement, we declared that we will be a vital, growing, and diverse spiritual community. We said we will offer each other love, respect, and support, put our UU values in action, take proper care of our UCWC heritage, and expand our reach into the world beyond our doors. Doing all that requires us to stretch beyond where we are today

Our vision asks us to leap toward a future with more music, more children in religious education, more effort to welcome a wide range of newcomers. It moves us to get further involved with diverse community groups, raise our presence, host more concerts, cultural events, and evening talks, and do more to serve the wider community.

It’s quite a leap – but we can make it. Every dollar you pledge will help us land where we want to be. How far will our leap take us? That depends a great deal on how much you are willing to help. Thank you for giving to sustain and grow our congregation.
WIth Warmth and Love,

Matt Zencey, President      Rev. Dan Schatz, Minster