Contact: Steven Lathe or Amy Spare   Email: fair-trade

Mission: To provide a fair price to the producers of products such as coffee, tea, and chocolate who are often paid very little for their efforts by large companies purchasing these raw materials.

Fair-Trade beverages are always served at the Congregation building and are available for sale in the foyer.


SJ-fair-trade-equal-exchange-logoPlease consider making your coffee/tea/cocoa purchases for your homes and offices, and holiday or neighborly gifts to friends from our kiosk in the lobby.

Our former minister, Larry Smith, noted that one of the most likely contacts we are liable to have with slave-produced products is with our chocolate and cocoa products. Both fair trade hot cocoa (combined with fair trade milk and sugar) and baking cocoa are available for purchase.

Buy Fair Trade products in our lobby.

Another goal is environmental. All coffee and cocoas are shade grown, which means that the area has not been clear cut. Tea cannot be shade grown. Also, most of the products are 100% organic including all the teas and cocoas, and the coffees with a navy blue label are fully organic. Also, the whole bean coffees with hand written labels that are measured out from bulk packages are fully organic. The decaffeinated coffees (with green labels) may or may not be fully organic, but will say so on the packaging.

You may have noticed several notices around our sanctuary, lobby, and in our websites and literature about ‘Equal Exchange’ coffees, teas and cocoas. The Unitarian-Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) is one of about six charities involved in the ‘Equal Exchange’ organization. A fair price and living wage for the growers is the primary goal. Equal Exchange works with farmer coops and other groups that make certain that a fair amount of the return reaches the farmers/growers/laborers.

Our after-the-service coffee hour always serves fair-trade ‘Fellowship Blend’ coffee and some teas and hot cocoa and often paper cups that are purchased from ‘Equal Exchange’.

What you can do: Buy some Fair-Trade beverages today!

For more information go to the Equal Exchange website.