sj-animal-ministry-ape-human-hands-bannerContact: John Gribbin     E-mail: animal-ministry

Mission: To educate, and encourage Congregation members to support and participate in measures designed to reduce the abuse of animals.

Recent Activity:

  • SJ-animal-ministry-logoIn July 2014, Animal Ministry sponsored a lay-held service devoted to the First Principle Project.
  • Following this service, we gathered signatures of over 51 percent of members to meet requirements for Board approval of this project to its next state: approval at General Assembly in 2016.
  • Sponsored a successful Dogs on Tour event at our 2015 Flea Market which raised money and awareness for the local SPCA.

The Animal Ministry Group pursues the goals outlined in the UUA Ethical Eating Statement. For more information go to the UU Animal Ministry site.