Sanctuary Committee Speaker

April 15, 2018 @ 11:45 am – 12:45 pm
UCWC Sanctuary
Barry Eichhorn

Linda Conzentino, the ZOOM Program Coordinator, will give a short presentation on the ZOOM Program, a service to get people to important/critical appointments who need this transportation. ZOOM is an on-going program that provides the coordination and scheduling of volunteer drivers with people in need of transportation locally and is part of Family Services of Chester County. This presentation will be at 11:45am, after the church service and coffee.

This is a totally Op-in program for the drivers and done on a ride-by-ride basis. It could be interesting, fun and supply a humanitarian need.

ZOOM is in the process of expanding their services to accommodate La Comunidad Hispana, which plays right into the population that we are specifically trying to help. And it allows us to help with things other than trips to Center City to the Immigration Authorities (read shorter distances, more fun and lesser time commitment).

The committee sees this as a method to have the administrative functions provided and to expand the service that we are currently providing. Plus, we get the benefit of the experience ZOOM has gained in controlling the risks that might be involved with transporting others in your vehicle and addressing the problem of language differences. It also presents other opportunities to help immigrants (and others) with basic transportation needs for medical, etc. The commitment is on a per ride basis.

Stay after service and find out more about this opportunity.